Updating the School Premises Regulations 1967: consultation

Consultation seeking views on the updating of the School Premises (General Requirements and Standards) Regulations 1967.


1. The School Premises (General Requirements and Standards) (Scotland) Regulations 1967 ('the 1967 Regulations') were last amended in 1973 and 1979 [1] and are now somewhat dated for the needs of modern schools in Scotland such as 2-18 year olds all through schools, school campuses as well as the traditional stand-alone schools. The traditional cellular classroom is still the norm but there is increasing use of open shared-spaces and covered external spaces within the new curriculum.

2. The 1967 Regulations set out a broad minimum standard in relation to certain aspects of school accommodation, including areas for school sites, overall minimum educational accommodation, lighting, ventilation etc. However, there is also a lot of other legislation that applies to all buildings, including schools and it seems appropriate to remove school-specific premises Regulations where they duplicate requirements in other legislation and update those that are still required.

3. As existing schools adhere to the current 1967 Regulations, it is intended that the updated Regulations will apply only to new schools to be built and any schools that are substantially modernised or refurbished. This consultation seeks your views on the proposed amendments to the 1967 Regulations regarding the general requirements and standards for school premises.

4. Non-statutory guidance will accompany the updated Regulations. This will allow more detailed information to be provided for the standards that would not otherwise be possible within the legislation. This could be reference to British Standards and guidance provided by sportscotland etc.


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