Delivering Scotland's circular economy - route map to 2025 and beyond: consultation

Through this consultation we set out our proposals for a Route Map to 2025, our strategic plan to deliver Scotland’s zero waste and circular economy ambitions. This consultation invites views on the proposed priorities and actions to reach our waste, recycling and emissions reduction targets.

Chapter 3: Route Map proposals

The following section outlines our actions to date and proposed new actions to accelerate progress to meet our waste and recycling targets. Proposals are grouped into seven change packages. We also ask a series of consultation questions to seek your views and feedback on these proposals.

Package 1: Promote responsible consumption, production and re-use

Package 2: Reduce food waste

Package 3: Improve recycling from households

Package 4: Improve recycling from commercial businesses

Package 5: Embed circular construction practices

Package 6: Minimise the impact of disposal

Package 7: Cross-cutting measures

Our existing policy and Route Map proposals are summarised in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Summary of existing and proposed new measures underpinning Scotland's Circular Economy Route Map to 2025 and beyond
This figure summarises and highlights the numerous existing and proposed new measures by the Scottish Government from 2022 to beyond 2025 to deliver a circular economy.  This includes consulting on Circular Economy Bill proposals in 2022, to a ban on destruction of durable goods after 2025.



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