Child Poverty Bill: consultation

This consultation sets our proposals for a Child Poverty Bill.


1. The Institute for Fiscal Studies projected (March 2016) that relative child poverty (before housing costs) will rise by eight percentage points at UK level between 2015 and 2020. This would essentially undo the progress made on child poverty since 1997.



4. Child Poverty Strategy for Scotland 2014-17 2015 Annual Report on the Child Poverty Strategy for Scotland

5. The poverty threshold is adjusted, based on the size and composition of the household, recognising that smaller and larger households may need different levels of income to maintain the same standard of living. This process of adjustment is known as equivalisation.


7. Note that the list of items in the Households Below Average Income ( HBAI) survey used was reviewed recently, resulting in 4 new items which better reflect current social norms.

8. To produce estimates of persistent poverty requires four years of data from the Understanding Society survey. This data has only recently become available. We will produce first analysis for Scotland on persistent poverty in due course.


10. Noting that the first plan will be for a shorter period to take us to the end of the current parliamentary term.


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