Cattle identification and traceability: consultation

This consultation seeks views on cattle identification and traceability in Scotland. It asks questions on use of bovine electronic identification (EID), explains how this could be achieved and also asks questions on other aspects of the current cattle identification regime.

Part 4: Consultation Questions

The consultation questions are listed below. When considering these, we ask that you take into consideration the information provided in this document alongside any other knowledge or personal experiences that could be relevant. All opinions are welcome. We ask that you use either the online Citizen Space facility or the consultation questionnaire provided to respond to this consultation as this will help with our analysis of responses. Please try to answer all of the questions however, if you are unable to answer any particular question then please feel free to move on to the next one.

The questionnaire and on-line facility will also ask questions relating to your interest in this matter. This will aid in the analysis of the responses to this consultation. In order for us to deal with your response appropriately in terms of making responses publicly available, please ensure that you complete a Respondent Information Form (RIF). This will ensure that if you ask for your response not to be published that we regard it as confidential and will treat it accordingly.

Question 1 - Do you support use of electronic ear tags as an official means of identification in cattle?

Question 2 - Should ultra-high frequency (UHF) or low frequency (LF) technology be used?

Question 3 - Do you support the use of any other forms of electronic identification as official means of identification (either as primary or secondary identification)?

Question 4 - Do you agree that there should be a legal requirement for new-born cattle to be identified with electronic ear tags?

Question 5 - If yes to Question 4, should current tagging exemptions remain or should other categories of animals be exempted?

Q ue stion 6 - Do you think that there should be a requirement to identify animals in the ‘historical herd’ (animals which are alive and are already identified) if and when EID is introduced?

Question 7 - If so, should there be a requirement to apply EID to all animals in the historical herd by a certain date or should the need to use EID be ‘event driven’?

Question 8 - What are your views on introduction of an online holding register?

Question 9 - Should reporting timescales for births, movements and deaths for holding registers and the central database be aligned?

Question 10 - If yes, what should they be?

Question 11 - What are your views on the removal of paper passports?

About the consultation

This consultation seeks to gather and understand your views on a number of areas including and related to bovine EID. If you feel there are any related matters not covered to your satisfaction, the following questions are there to provide you with the opportunity to raise such points, and to provide us with feedback on the consultation itself.

Question 12 - Do you have any other comments on the way this consultation has been conducted?

Question 13 - Do you consider that the consultation explained the key issues sufficiently to properly consider your response?

Question 14 - Do you consider that you had sufficient time to respond to the consultation?

Question 15 - Do you have any other comments regarding any proposed future changes to the cattle ID Regulations?



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