Adult disability payment: consultation

Consultation on the draft regulations for Adult Disability Payment, a new Scottish benefit which will replace Personal Independence Payment and be delivered by Social Security Scotland.

Who might be affected by the Adult Disability Payment draft regulations?

Social Security Scotland will accept new applications from disabled people and those with long term health conditions aged between 16 and state pension age. Based on existing data relating to Personal Independence Payment, we estimate that approximately 4,700 people will apply for Adult Disability Payment each month. Over 300 000 people in Scotland are expected to be in receipt of Personal Independence Payment when applications for Adult Disability Payment open in Scotland and will begin transferring to Social Security Scotland through a carefully managed process.

Individuals who care for people eligible for Adult Disability Payment might also be affected as entitlement to Adult Disability Payment can be relevant to entitlement to certain benefits for carers. Lastly, Disabled People's Organisations and Welfare Rights Organisations which provide advice and advocacy in relation to disability benefits will likely be impacted.

Further details of who may be affected by the regulations can be found in the draft Impact Assessments at Annexes D, E, F and G. We are also consulting on these and encourage you to share your views.



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