Community Impact of Public Processions

The study examined the community impact of public processions, with a particular focus on processions which were perceived to be 'problematic'. The research involved a multi-method approach and included qualitative and quantitative data collection. Although the research considered a wide range of processions (including community and political), its particular focus was on Loyalist and Irish Republican processions.

Annex D: Police Incident Types

Police incident types collected as part of our analyses of impact in case study areas.

  • assist member of the public
  • public nuisance
  • missing person
  • sudden death
  • drugs/solvent abuse
  • disturbance
  • parade/demonstration
  • escaper/absconder/AWOL
  • deliver message
  • bail/curfew/address checks
  • firearms involved
  • bomb call
  • suspicious incident
  • domestic incident
  • road traffic collision
  • driver alleged drink/drugs
  • vehicle escort
  • vehicle pursuit
  • abandoned vehicles
  • drink driving call
  • standing complaint
  • drinking in public
  • hate crime
  • ASBO
  • sexual offence
  • robbery, theft
  • vehicle crime
  • theft from motor vehicle
  • housebreaking
  • housebreakers
  • suspect persons
  • assault
  • licensing
  • domestic bail check
  • child protection
  • damage
  • crime other
  • external agency request
  • fire, explosion
  • intruder
  • personal attack alarm
  • urgent - constable requires assistance
  • police generated activity.


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