Community Impact of Public Processions

The study examined the community impact of public processions, with a particular focus on processions which were perceived to be 'problematic'. The research involved a multi-method approach and included qualitative and quantitative data collection. Although the research considered a wide range of processions (including community and political), its particular focus was on Loyalist and Irish Republican processions.


The research team would like to express thanks for the input and assistance of a wide range of organisations and individuals who have contributed considerable time and expertise to this study. A number of researchers assisted with the fieldwork and various aspects of data analysis: Susan Batchelor, Kathryn Duncan, William Graham, Brendan McGeever, Aimee McCullough, Maureen McBride, Diarmuid McDonnell, Ruth Mendel, Adam Aitken, Lito Tsitsou and Tim Winsler.

We are particularly appreciative of the time and input provided by the representatives of Processing Organisations, Police Service Scotland, Scottish local authorities, and several Scottish non-governmental organisations. The participation of local residents is gratefully acknowledged. Finally, thanks to colleagues in the Scottish Government and members of the Research Advisory Group who have all contributed significantly to the design and development of this research.


Email: Linzie Liddell

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