Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 - asset transfers: social value guidance

Guidance on social value for the relevant authorities when they are considering asset transfer applications, and should be considered as one part of their overall decision making process.

Annex B

Examples of Scoring Sheets Used to Assess Project Benefit

The following two examples highlight approaches taken by Relevant Authorities in Scotland to assess community benefit using qualitative methods. These scoring mechanisms are used by the Relevant Authorities as one part of an overall application assessment which would include Business Plans; financial forecasts etc.

1. Community Benefits Score Sheet: adapted from version used by a Scottish local authority

2. Community Benefits Score Sheet: Forestry and Land Scotland

Full community benefits score sheets can be accessed from the Forestry and Land Scotland website.

These outline the community proposals for the asset to be transferred, and how they are to be utilised. Evaluation assessment criteria considers the benefits of the proposal, its impact, and its contribution to best value outcomes.

Assessment criteria considers the proposals overall vision, its financial and non-financial benefits, and its contribution to equality. Impact is again considered in terms of strength, and contribution to best value outcomes.



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