Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund: year 1 - monitoring and reporting summary

Monitoring and reporting results for year 1 of the Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund (the Fund).

Annex A Project Examples – by target group and priority issues

This annex provide a selection of examples of projects with include a focus on the Fund’s identified at risk’ target groups, as well as examples of other at risk groups identified locally and of other themes

a) Project examples by target group

Women (particularly young women, and women and young women affected by gender-based sexual violence)

Lived experience and women experiencing gender based violence

12 month test of change project - To co-develop a new service with women who have experienced domestic abuse/coercive control. The project wishes to develop a specialist counselling service for women who have experienced domestic abuse which would be based within Angus Women’s Aid offices both in Arbroath and Forfar

Own My Life Course (One Life) - An innovative, creative, educational 12 week course for women who have been abused which enables them to regain ownership of their lives after they have been in a relationship with someone who has hurt them. The course helps women to make sense of what has been done to them and gives them the skills to move forward. The ripple effect by supporting abused women within our community is widely spread. A mother’s capacity to parent alters when there is abuse and her power to keep herself and her family safe becomes more difficult. By providing women with the skills/tools to heal from abuse she has experienced filters through the whole family facilitating mutual healing.

People with a long term health condition or disability

Deaflinks - To provide mental health advocacy, advice, information and support to local deaf and sensory impaired people. Delivery of this service will support individuals who face disadvantage in accessing mainstream support

People who are or have been on the highest risk (previously shielding) list

Cycling without age - Funding for a VanRaam Velo Plus, a wheelchair transport bike for the Clackmannanshire area to enable the Chapter to hugely increase the number of people they can reach with rides and improve the quality of life for many more people such as those who have been shielding and socially isolating. This will allow them to safely socialise and enjoy the outdoors

People from a Minority Ethnic background

Older people and ethnic minorities:

Central Scotland Chinese Elderly Project – For activities that aim to draw out isolated, lonely and disenfranchised older retired Chinese people and their spouses living in the Stirling and Clackmannanshire area. This Project will serve as a pilot to explore the kinds of physical activities that may best suit and interest the older Chinese participants

Refugees and those with no recourse to public funds

Refugee communities:

Refugee Wellbeing Project – To reduce social isolation and increase self-management techniques for anxiety and trauma recovery. Highland has a relatively small population of Syrian and Afghan refugees who are distanced from each other and some have limited access to transport, services that can accommodate their language needs and the confidence to participate for a particularly vulnerable community.

People facing socio-economic disadvantage


West Coast Furniture Bank SCIO - To refurbish, provide and deliver household items free of charge to clients who have been referred by partner agencies, ranging from local authority to other charities locally. These are for clients unable to afford these items themselves, such as supplying anything from a cooker to furnishing full homes. The project will employ a Project Manager who will support 15 volunteers and two new employees who will be funded by the Fair Work programme. A number of the volunteers have mental health and learning difficulties and the Project Manager will support them into employment by mentoring and training.

People experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage

Cullen Sea School Mental Health and Wellbeing Initiative: The projects provides a range of free water based and on-shore courses, events and activities. By removing a cost barrier, this will allow anyone who is interested the opportunity to attend regularly.

People affected by psychological trauma (including adverse childhood experiences)

FirstLight: The project will train FirstLight Trust support staff and café hub assistants to understand/deal with the effects of secondary trauma. They will then run psycho education support groups on a 1:1 basis as well as remotely for those who have to shield or live outside Hawick. The course will last for 6 weeks. Support staff will learn about secondary trauma, its impact and how to support those who suffer. The workshops will be created by a qualified trauma therapist who has worked with veterans and their families for years.

Older people

Companions at Calman - Trauma experienced young people (16-25) will be supported in this multi-generational project to engage in a number of activities to reduce their social isolation while actively learning cooking skills as part of their employability development and making 'meals on wheels' for 24 isolated older people living across the black isle communities and identified by a community delivered care provider

People who have experienced bereavement or loss

Biggar community action group will facilitate arts and craft activities with the older population within the village. Some of the funds will be used to establish a ‘death café’ one day a month from the local community centre within the village’s main street. The ‘death café’ gives participants the opportunity to have open conversations around the subject of death and loss.

People disadvantaged by geographical location (particularly remote and rural areas);

Bragar and Arnol Siorsa Project (Freedom Project) Aims to reduce social isolation for a targeted group of isolated individuals in a remote community. This project is being run by a community group who are using a befriending model. TSI officers were able to direct the group to Befriending networks for advice and assistance in starting up, they were also able to give advice concerning health and safety and risk assessment for volunteers.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) communities

Development of a pop-up LGBT+ Hub in Perth which will provide a range of activities to support the mental health and resilience of the local LGBT+ community

b) Project examples by those focused on the Fund’s identified priority issues (social isolation and loneliness, suicide prevention, early intervention and prevention


Aden Community Allotment Association: This Aberdeen project facilitates the outdoor growing of food, supporting people to build networks; increases access to fresh air and natural light to enable wellbeing for attendees.

Early intervention

Man On! - Inverclyde Early Intervention Project – To support the growth of the Man On! Peer Support model in Inverclyde, an early-intervention support model that meets people where they are at and relieves the pressure on having to wait for mental health support. This will deliver 1 to 1 sessions and group support and provide access to a Wellbeing Worker and a Wellbeing Plan through recruitment of 5 part-time Wellbeing Workers with direct lived experience who have the skillset to provide peer-support. The project will also support 20 people to access community befriending support and 20 to access Suicide First Aid programme

Suicide prevention

‘Open About Suicide’ a group for people affected by someone else’s suicidal thoughts. The group has been set up to give peer to peer support and allows people to express their feelings without being judged whilst living in constant fear. Already there have been positive stories from group participants on the success of coming together and sharing experiences.

Social isolation and loneliness

TLC befriending service: This service matches volunteer befrienders with individuals referred to us via the Primary Links Practitioners, based in doctor’s surgeries across Aberdeen. The service aims to act as an early intervention to alleviate the feelings of loneliness and isolation, which has adversely affected an individual’s mental health and wellbeing, by supporting and building individuals' community connectedness and personal resilience.

c) Project examples of project highlighting a range of other themes

Social prescribing

Woodland Wanderers - An established group for people with mental health issues that meets bi-weekly in the woods in different areas of Midlothian. The project includes people with chronic and enduring mental health difficulties including schizophrenia and is particularly strong on sustained engagement with a core group of around 10 regular attenders. It is led by a local woman who needs some support to put her ideas into practice and with equipment, running costs and volunteer expenses.

Match funding

Nature 4 Health – A 12 week mental health programme in Elgin and Forres which Forestry and Land Scotland have agreed to provide 50% of the funding for. The programme will be open to those using mental health services in the area and will also deliver bi-weekly nature walks for wellbeing in Aberlour, Forres and Elgin.

Carers and bereavement

Crossroads Community Mental Health Support – To fund carers to spend time with those with Mental Health conditions either taking them out or in their own home on a referral basis across the Isle of Lewis.

Debt and financial inclusion

CHAP Financial Wellbeing and Inclusion Advisor - For an advisor to operate within the Kilwinning Community Sports Club for 3 days per week available to facilitate a combination of appointment-based and drop-in services to individuals within the community. They will also deliver regular financial education group sessions which will be accessible to anyone in the community out with the 3 drop-in days. To encourage people to engage with the services, KSC are going to offer free gym memberships to those who engage with the service. This will alleviate financial stress by helping people become more active which is proven to have a positive impact on general fitness and boost mental wellness.

Sport and the arts

Dunterlie arts and crafts group – The project will support around 15 people in the Dunterlie Area and is led solely by a wonderfully creative woman. Her group of regulars meet each week to focus on a project and work towards creating something. She describes her project as “therapy without the title”. Making art is the reason that people come to the club, but talking to others, being socially included and leaving with a sense of achievement is ultimately what makes members come back each week.

Greenock Morton Community Trust ‘Breakfast and Blether’ – For a new mental

health project to take place on a weekly basis at Cappielow Park, home of professional football club Greenock Morton. To enable adults from Inverclyde struggling with their mental health to have breakfast, before having the opportunity to Walk & Talk with others through a peer support network. After their walk, they will have the chance to return to Cappielow Park for tea, coffee and a chance to learn about other resources/signposting in their local community. Key benefits of the project are the peer support created and the reduction in social isolation by helping participants connect, make friendships and not feel alone.

MorphFit Gentle Movement Project Ltd The programme will centre around exercises and techniques which specifically promote positive mental health and overall wellbeing. The aim to improve the mental health & wellbeing of individuals through this specified exercise programme and provide them with a toolkit which they can continue to use far beyond the course itself. Distinct benefits of participation for this population include: Better sleep, Happier thoughts, The ability to manage stress, anxiety, and intrusive thoughts, Improved self-esteem, Reduced risk of depression, Connecting with people.



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