Disabled students at university: discussion paper

Independent paper from the Commissioner for Fair Access considers representation, entrant trends, retention and degree outcomes for disabled students by disability group.


1. As per language preferences in 'A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People'

2. The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation is an official tool used to identify the relative deprivation levels of areas in Scotland. CoWA defined entrants from deprived backgrounds as entrants from the bottom 20% of areas according to this measure, i.e. 'SIMD20', 'SIMD quintile 1' or 'SIMD Q1' areas.

3. The percentage of students returning to study in year two: http://www.sfc.ac.uk/web/FILES/guidance_sfcgd202017/SFCGD202017_Annex_B_technical_guidance.pdf


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