Commission for the Land-based Learning Review minutes: October 2021

Minutes of the Commission for the Land-based Learning Review meeting held on 20 October 2021.

Items and actions


  • secretariat to look into creating a Microsoft Teams space for the Commission to share documents
  • secretariat to share policy mapping timeline exercise with the Commission
  • secretariat to include Duke of Edinburgh, John Muir and short learning courses into the learning journey graphic
  • secretariat to include specific references to lifelong learning, FE/HE and upskilling/reskilling in the description of the learning pipeline in the Terms of Reference
  • secretariat to issue Doodle polls for dates for future meetings


  • all to think about stakeholder engagement – who should be involved? ways to involve stakeholders
  • Muriel - share - NTTF intelligence from women in ag taskforce
  • all to think about what success models look like

Remind the Commission about 2.4 and 2.5 focus on outputs and outcomes

Points of agreement

  • need to create a vision for the future of younger people
  • links to Just Transition work which can be transformational
  • need for tangible solutions – short/medium/long term
  • important to not take a sectoral approach
  • need to consider the fact that some ‘employees’ are family members, how do we reach them and raise awareness of opportunities
  • consider the efficiency of the learning pipeline, barriers, choice and equity issues
  • consider fair work and wellbeing – having more people in the careers they want
  • need to reference issues that are outwith the pipeline that affect it – such as infrastructure and housing (suitable, affordable housing)
  • investigate ‘leaks’ in pipeline

Presentations from RESAS and SDS

  • investigate and report on data gaps – agreed the need for an evidence based approach
  • workforce planning - how do we record word of mouth jobs that are not advertised in the standard way, why is the pipeline not working for sectors
  • more analysis would be good to correlate the major agriculture, aquaculture and forestry "hubs" versus affordable housing
  • the farming sector is not seen as a ‘wellbeing’/fair work sector
  • understanding the dynamics of land based sectors is key
  • need to understand the drivers of change and the wider operating context – demographics, depopulation, replacement and demand in sectors
  • these are not the only sectors that are looking to recruit – there’s a ‘war on talent’
  • the nature of work is changing


  • the commission noted that they may be asked to read written submissions, agreed this with the proviso that any written submissions will be published in the public domain and that there is an option for submissions to be anonymised
  • agreement that these points would be confirmed with the submission owner
  • agreed that at present the first choice Commission meetings should be digital with the potential next year for a couple of face to face meetings / mix of hybrid meetings
  • this will be assessed as the pandemic continues and locations for meetings will be investigated in due course
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