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Commission for the Land-Based Learning Review: terms of reference

Published: 24 Aug 2021

Terms of reference for the Commission for the Land-Based Learning Review group.

24 Aug 2021
Commission for the Land-Based Learning Review: terms of reference


The Commission for the Land-based Learning Review (the Commission) is a group that has been established to provide independent, evidence based advice to Scottish Ministers.

The Commission is a short term advisory group that has been established to undertake a root and branch review of learning in Scotland’s land-based and aquaculture sectors - from early years to adulthood - to provide opportunities and qualifications through school, college, university and work-based learning, including apprenticeship, for more people, and specifically more women, to work with and on the land, particularly in green skills.

The work of the group will support the Scottish Government’s ambitions of delivering a just transition to net-zero, by ensuring our learning system equips people with the skills and knowledge needed to work in Scotland’s land-based sectors as well as any new and emerging green occupations in land-based sectors.


  • agriculture
  • aquaculture
  • biodiversity
  • environmental conservation
  • equine
  • fisheries management
  • food and drink processing
  • forestry, trees and timber
  • game and wildlife
  • horticulture
  • land-based engineering
  • peatland restoration

The scope of the review will exclude:

  • nature-based tourism
  • outdoor recreation
  • renewables (wind, hydro, solar)

Learning pipeline

For the purposes of the review the learning pipeline is:

  • early learning and childcare (up to school age)
  • curriculum for excellence (3 to 18 years)
  • learning for sustainability (3 to 18 years)
  • senior phase (S4 to S6 in schools)
  • developing the young workforce
  • continuing personal development

All age employability support:

  • careers, advice and information
  • pathways
  • apprenticeships
  • work-based learning
  • employability support including formal volunteering opportunities
  • continuing personal development
  • skills alignment

Cross-cutting themes

The work of the review will be underpinned by the cross-cutting themes of:

  • equality and inclusion
  • fair work
  • delivering a just transition to a net-zero and a climate resilient Scotland


Outputs from the review will include:

  • commission led stakeholder engagement to enable broad consultation on the content of the review
  • a final report with a set of recommendations that identify what interventions need to be applied across the learning pipeline to inform, promote and engage individuals in the employment opportunities available in the land-based sectors, with a view to encouraging more people into the sectors
  • specific attention will be given to providing recommendations that aim to redress inequality of opportunity in the land-based and aquaculture sectors


Potential outcomes resulting from implementation of actions arising from the review will include:

  • increased numbers of people, especially women and young people either considering careers or entering employment in the sectors;
  • increased contribution of the land-based sectors to the rural economy; and
  • increased opportunities for meaningful employment in land-based and aquaculture sectors contributing to retaining more people in rural and island areas; supporting sustainable rural and islands communities


It is anticipated that approximately six quarterly Commission meetings will take place between an inaugural meeting in Autumn 2021 and the end of December 2022.