Collection of Data to Inform the Implementation of a Discards Ban: Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Vol 7 No 12

This report describes a trial of self-sampling by fishermen as a means of collecting information on discards. The project was funded by the Scottish Government under the Fishing Industry Science Alliance (FISA) and carried out in partnership with the Shet


1. See:

2. See, for example:

Scottish Government:

3. Real Statistics Resource Pack software (Release 3.5). Copyright (2013 - 2015), Charles Zaiontz. Available at:

4. This project is being carried out by the NAFC Marine Centre received funding from the Scottish Government via Marine Scotland Science, the European Fisheries Fund, and the Shetland Fishermen's Association. The project is due to be completed in June 2015.

5. Landings data and quota information provided by the Shetland Fish Producers Organisation Ltd. Available quotas include in-year, swaps, trades and transfers.

6. This included one twin-trawl vessel operating under the Cod Catch Quota Scheme ( CCQS) (see Under the CCQS a vessel receives an additional allocation of cod quota in return for an obligation to retain on-board and land all cod that are caught, regardless of size or marketability. CCTV cameras are fitted to the participating vessels to allow monitoring of compliance with this requirement. This vessel is referred to in this report as Twin-Trawl (cameras).

7. Vessel operating under the Cod Catch Quota Scheme. See footnote 6 above.

8. The composition of the participants in the tally book scheme was similar to that of the self-sampling scheme, and included some of the same vessels (the two vessels that accounted for the majority of the discard samples also accounted for the majority of the tally book returns).

9. Where ρ (rho) = 1 would indicate a perfect match and ρ = 0 no agreement.

10. For gurnards it was assumed that the discard rate reflected the proportions of marketable and unmarketable fish in the discards. For lesser spotted dogfish it was assumed that there was no market. For rays it was assumed that there was no market for fish < 50 cm.

11. It should be noted that the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 will impose a ban on biodegradable waste going to landfill from 2021.


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