Co-ordinated Support Plans Short-Life Working Group minutes: 23 August 2021

Minutes from the group's meeting on 23 August 2021.

Attendees and apologies


  • Scottish Government, Supporting Learners’ Team
  • Scottish Government, GIRFEC Team
  • Scottish Government, Health and Allied Health Professionals 
  • ASLO
  • Education Scotland
  • Health and Education Chamber of the First Tier Tribunal
  • My Rights, My Say
  • National Parent Forum Scotland
  • EIS
  • NAIT
  • Looked After Children rep


  • Health and Education Chamber of the First Tier Tribunal
  • Scottish Government, Health representative  
  • Social Work Scotland 
  • ADES
  • Voice

Items and actions

Minutes and actions from the previous meeting

Group members were content with the minutes from the previous meeting. 

The group reviewed the actions arising from the previous meeting and updates were provided:


  • SG officials to set up a shared space to share documents and papers related to the group - Objective Connect has been set up
  • SG officials to draft the update for ASLIG based on themes and share with WG for comment and clearance – an interim report for ASLIG has been drafted and shared with the group with comment.  Group members are content with the final version and this will now be shared with ASLIG and published on the SG website

Update from the sub groups

Members from the three sub groups provided updates on their meetings and work that they are progressing.


It was agreed that a report, summarising the work of the short-life working group (SLWG), along with the actions that will be taken and any recommendations on further action, will be developed and shared with the Additional Support for Learning Implementation Group (ASLIG).

To support this, a drafting sub-group will be established.  It will include representatives from each of the sub-groups to ensure that those discussions are accurately reflected. Once a draft report has been developed, this will be shared with the short-life working group for feedback and input.


  • members to contact SG rep if they want to be a part the drafting sub-group
  • share draft report with the group for comment and feedback when available    

Next steps

The group agreed that following completion of the report, there would be benefit to keeping the group loosely convened particularly, to seek views and input on the information and guidance that is being developed.

The group discussed the upcoming refresh of the Code of Practice and the opportunity to further clarify and restate the key messages around CSPs within the Code. Members were asked to consider if they would like to be involved in the working group taking this forward.


  • members to contact SG rep if they want to be part of the working group on the refreshed Code of Practice


No items were raised. 

Date of next meeting 

A doodle poll will be issued for the next full meeting of the short-life working group.

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