Co-ordinated Support Plans Short-Life Working Group minutes: 14 October 2021

Minutes from the group's meeting on 14 October 2021.

Attendees and apologies


  • Scottish Government, Supporting Learners’ Team
  • Education Scotland
  • Health and Education Chamber of the First Tier Tribunal
  • My Rights, My Say
  • National Parent Forum Scotland
  • EIS
  • NAIT
  • Looked After Children rep
  • ADES
  • Enquire


  • Social Work Scotland 
  • Voice
  • Scottish Government, GIRFEC Team
  • ASLO
  • Scottish Government, Health and Allied Health Professionals 

Items and actions

Minutes and actions from the previous meeting

The minute for the previous meeting on 23 August will be circulated to the group for comment and clearance.  

Updates on actions from the previous meeting were provided:


  • publish the interim report to ASLIG on the SG web page – there has been a slight delay with publication. The interim report will be published as soon as possible
  • members to contact SG rep if they want to be a part the drafting sub-group. – a drafting sub-group was formed with membership from SG, Education Scotland, ASLO, NAIT, Enquire, COSLA, EIS and SG Allied Health Professionals Team
  • share draft report with the group for comment and feedback when available – a draft report has been shared with the group  


The group discussed the draft report and provided feedback. There were a number of general points raised, including suggested changes to the structure of the final section, the inclusion of an introductory paragraph which sets out the focus of the report, inclusion of reference to the Promise, consideration of including further detail within the ‘barrier’s section, changes to the order of the final table, and the addition of a conclusion within the table to provide clarity on what the individual actions are seeking to address.

The group agreed that any further comment should be provided by 22 October. Following this, the drafting sub-group will meet to consider all the comments and share an updated draft with members of the SLWG.


  • further comment on the draft report to be provided via Objective Connect by 22 October. A further iteration of the report will be circulated after this date 


No items were raised. 

Date of next meeting 

The group will consider whether they will meet again.   

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