Climate Change Bill: consultation summary report

A independent summary report analysing responses to the public consultation on Scottish Government proposals for a Climate Change Bill.

Appendix B: Suggestions for implementation of the new Bill

The table below summarises suggestions made by respondents for measures that the Scottish Government and/or Scotland’s people should implement in order to achieve what is proposed for the new Bill. These suggestions are related to actions that could be implemented to achieve emission reductions, and are therefore outside of the scope of this consultation. These suggestions are grouped thematically by sector. Some of these suggestions are also made in campaign responses (see Chapter 7). It is worth noting that respondents often made general suggestions and did not provide any further detail or rationale.

Theme Suggestion
Agriculture and food Source food as locally as possible
Increase organic farming
Protect prime agricultural land
Reduce livestock farming, and meat and dairy consumption
Return to bottling/canning foods instead of refrigeration
Reduce food packaging
Reduce consumption of exotic produce
Business Green accreditation schemes for businesses
Subsidies to influence business behaviour change
Use local supply chains
Workplace Parking Levies
Economy and politics Interventions to address disadvantage in former coalfield areas
Policies designed to put higher burden on more privileged people
Consider using behavioural science such as the ISM model (individual, social and material) to inform policy
Use Local Place Plans to facilitate community-led behaviour change
Bring energy generation into the public sector
Provide support for local authorities to design carbon-neutral and future-proof projects
Independence from the UK and its ‘restrictive policies’
Education and culture Increase focus of education on the dangers of climate change
Provide support to help consumers change their behaviours
Introduce climate change storylines into TV dramas
Energy Ban hydraulic fracturing for hydrocarbons
Increase nuclear power generation (conventional and thorium)
Increase renewables including solar, tidal, wave, hydroelectric, geothermal and biomass
Invest in fusion power generation technology
Decommission nuclear power plants
Environment and biodiversity New technologies to prevent birds striking wind turbines
Tree planting/afforestation
Restoration/development of green areas and peatland
Maintain investment in peatland preservation
Protect hedgerows as habitat for pollinators
Soil use for carbon sequestration
Set a nitrogen budget for Scotland to reduce pesticide use/ban use of pesticides
Use the Land Stewardship Policy to ensure soil efficiency
Strengthen the Scottish Government’s Land Use Policy by increasing accountability
Buildings and energy efficiency Install heat pumps in homes
Combined heat and power systems for homes
District heating systems to cover multiple residences
Improve/retrofit insulation into homes
Ensure that all homes have at least Energy Performance Rating 'C’
Build zero carbon and energy efficient housing
Interest-free loans and equity-based loans for homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes
Create a software tool to calculate baseline emissions of a building development and the impact of different possible measures of emission reduction
Greater consideration of concrete as a building material, as its thermal mass could reduce heat loss from buildings
Develop new building performance modelling tools to enable people to understand their future energy costs before purchasing a building
Measures to penalise developers and designers who deliberately overstate the future performance of a building
Government support for replacing existing heating systems, with clarity on the nature of the future energy network
Improve building energy modelling
Monitor implementation of energy efficiency measures, deferring payment of contractors pending checks
Put in place a binding zero carbon standard within national building standards
Technology Invest in negative emissions technologies such as carbon capture and storage
Consider solutions from the Centre for Alternative Technology
Transport Increase workplace provision of showers for cyclists
Increase number of 20mph limited zones for safer streets
Implement Low Emissions Zones in areas of high pollution
Set targets for Local Authorities to spend on public transport and active travel
Investment in rail infrastructure
Cancel road-building projects
Compensation/support mechanisms for vehicle owners to encourage modal shift to low carbon transport
Increase cycle lane provision
Promote electric and/or self-driving vehicles including cars, buses and trains
Promote biofuel vehicles
Promote hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
Phase out the sale of fossil fuel cars
Waste and recycling Increase recycling facilities and initiatives
Reduce domestic and commercial waste
Increase use of biodegradable products, especially sanitary products


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