Cleaner air for Scotland: progress report 2018-2019

Final annual progress report for the Scottish Government’s cleaner air for Scotland strategy.

Next Steps

The Scottish Government is currently considering the recommendations made by the independent CAFS review steering group, along with comments on the recommendations received via an online survey held at the end of 2019. Revision of CAFS will progress during 2020, with the intention to republish the strategy by the end of the year.

Key areas of focus will include:

  • The inclusion in CAFS of actions to tackle emission sources beyond transport, such as agriculture and domestic combustion.
  • A focus on effective coordination between air quality and climate change policies
  • Ensuring air quality is a key component in the development of the National Planning Framework 4.
  • Continuing work to implement further Low Emission Zones in Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh.
  • Implementation of the National Modelling Framework regional model.
  • Conducting social research to inform a more comprehensive national air quality public awareness campaign.

The CAFS Governance Group remains in place to oversee ongoing delivery of the CAFS objectives and actions.



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