Cleaner Air for Scotland – air quality public attitudes and behaviour: final report

Review of the existing evidence on public attitudes and behaviour related to air pollution to inform the draft of the new Cleaner Air for Scotland (CAFS) strategy.

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  • Search 1 (Public Attitudes to air pollution in Scotland): Air pollution (focused terms and related issues) + Scotland + Public + (Attitudes OR Knowledge OR Awareness OR Concerns OR Behaviour) (TITLE-ABS-KEY search)
  • Search 2 (Air pollution and public engagement approaches): Air pollution (focused terms) + Public + (Attitudes OR Knowledge OR Awareness OR Concerns OR Behaviours) + Approaches (TITLE-ABS-KEY search)
  • Air pollution (focused terms)
  • ("Air pollut*" OR “Air quality” OR "Air toxics" OR “Clean air” OR "Black carbon" OR "Car emission*" OR "Carbon dioxide" OR "Carbon monoxide" OR "CO2" OR "Diesel emission*" OR "Diesel fuel" OR "Diesel fume*" OR "Elemental carbon" OR "Fine particle*" OR "Nitrogen dioxide*" OR "Nitrogen oxide*" OR "NO2" OR NOx OR Ozone OR Particulate* OR "Petrol emission*" OR "Petrol fuel" OR "Petrol fume*" OR "PM emission*" OR "PM2*" OR "PM10" OR Smog OR "SO2" OR "Sulphur dioxide" OR "Ultrafine particle*" OR "Vehicle emission*" OR "Vehicle exhaust*" OR "Vehicle fume*" OR "Air partic*" OR "Industrial emission*" OR “Domestic emission*" OR "Agricultural emission*" OR “Low emission” OR LEZ* OR CAZ*)
  • Air pollution (related issues)
  • (Traffic OR Transport OR Cars OR Vehicle* OR Placemaking OR “Place making” OR “Place based” OR Carbon OR Climate OR “Global warming” OR “Fossil fuels” OR “Wood burn*” OR Woodburn* OR “Coal burn*” OR Coalburn* OR “Solid fuel*” OR Environment OR Pollution OR "Public health” OR Health OR Wellbeing PR “Well being” OR CAFS OR “Green infrastructure” OR Congestion OR Commut*)
  • Scotland
  • (Scotland OR Scottish OR Alba OR Edinburgh OR Glasgow OR Aberdeen OR Dundee OR Stirling OR Inverness OR Perth OR Fife OR Falkirk OR Grangemouth OR Tayside OR Lothian OR Highlands OR Grampian OR Clyde)
  • Public
  • (Public OR Scot* OR Citizen* OR People OR Person OR Society OR Human* OR Individual* OR Household* OR Stakeholder* OR Family OR Families OR Respond*)
  • Attitudes
  • (Attitudes OR Support OR Opposition OR Judgement OR Judge OR Opinion* OR Conduct OR Practice* OR View*)
  • Knowledge
  • (Knowledge* OR Know OR Understand* OR Understood OR Learn* OR Inform* OR Experience*)
  • Awareness
  • (Aware* OR Visib* OR Perception OR Important OR Unimportant)
  • Concerns
  • (Concern* OR Engag* OR Involv* OR Particip* OR Consult* OR Campaign* OR Care OR Barrier*)
  • Behaviour
  • (Behav* OR Issues* OR Impact* OR Effect* OR Affect* OR Control* OR Barrier* OR Habit* OR Convenience OR Inconvenience OR Energy-saving OR Environmentally-friendly OR Sustainab* OR Green OR Eco-driving OR Idling OR Fuel-use OR “Fuel efficien*” OR “FuelGood” OR “Electric vehicle*” OR “Home deliver*” OR Switching OR Journey* OR Homeworking OR “Car club*” OR “Car pool*” OR “Park and ride” OR “Know and respond” OR “Travel plan*” OR Bus* OR “Public transport” OR “Active travel” OR Bicycle* OR Cycl* OR Bike* OR Walk*)
  • Approaches
    (Method* OR Outreach OR Approach OR “Focus group*” OR Survey* OR Questionnaire* OR Workshop* OR Interview* OR “Self report*” OR Discussion OR Feedback OR Consultation* OR Census OR Research OR Communicat* OR Messag*)



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