Cleaner Air for Scotland 2: environmental report

An Environmental Report to assess the likely significant environmental impacts of the new air quality strategy.

7. Consultation and Next Steps

7.1.1 Public views and comments are invited on both this Environmental Report and the draft CAFS2 to which it relates. Details of how to respond are provided below.

When can I respond?

Respondents are asked to submit responses to this Environmental Report directly to the Scottish Government by closing date of 22 January 2021.

How can I respond?

Consultation Hub allows you to save and return to your responses while the consultation is still open. A copy of your final response will be emailed to you.

  • By Email:
  • By post: Cleaner Air for Scotland 2, Environmental Quality Unit, Directorate for Environment and Forestry, Scottish Government, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh EH6 6QQ

How will responses be considered?

Following the consultation, a Post-Adoption Statement will be prepared. The Statement will reflect on the views provided on the findings of the assessment and the proposals in the Consultation Paper and will explain how the issues raised have been taken into account in finalising the Strategy.

Consultation Questions on the Environmental Report

Respondents may find the following questions helpful to provide a focus for their responses to this Environmental Report. Please note that responses do not need to be limited to these questions, and more general comments on this Environmental Report and the proposals set out in the Consultation Paper are also invited.

1. What are your views on the accuracy and scope of information used to describe the environmental baseline set out in the Environmental Report?

2. What are your views on the predicted environmental effects as set out in the Environmental Report?

3. What are your views on the findings of the SEA and the proposals for mitigation and monitoring the environmental effects set out in the Environmental Report?



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