Cleaner Air for Scotland 2: progress report 2022-2023

Second annual report summarising progress on delivering actions since the Cleaner Air for Scotland 2 strategy was published in July 2021.


The Scottish Government’s Cleaner Air for Scotland 2 strategy (CAFS2) sets out the policy framework for air quality in Scotland to 2026 and includes a comprehensive list of actions across the following ten policy areas:

1. Health

2. Integrated Policy

3. Placemaking

4. Data

5. Public Engagement and Behaviour Change

6. Industrial Emissions Regulation

7. Tackling Non-Transport Emissions Sources

8. Transport

9. Governance, Accountability and Delivery

10. Further Progress Review

This second annual report summarises progress on all the actions since CAFS2 was published in July 2021.

Detailed information is provided for completed and completed ongoing actions. New to this progress report is the addition of milestones for all actions that are being delivered in the medium to longer term, these are set out in section Annex C of this report. This was part of the recommendations following Environmental Standards Scotland’s (ESS) investigation into air quality.



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