Civil justice statistics in Scotland: 2016-2017

The 2016-17 Civil Justice in Scotland release includes main statistics tables and figures and supplementary statistics tables.

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Table 23: Summary cause eviction cases initiated and disposed of[1,2] in the sheriff courts, by case type and final disposal, 2016-17

Case Type Initiated Disposed Disposed
Absolvitor For pursuer Decree by default[3] Dismissed4 Expenses only[4] Other[5]
Defended Undefended
Eviction summary cause 14,304 14,459 18 1,033 7,228 82 5,126 868 104

1. Figures for initiations and disposals do not necessarily refer to the same cases.
2. The number of cases disposed of is likely an underestimate.
3. Decree by default is a new category brought through by the new case management information system. Data for this new category only covers November 2016 to March 2017.
4. Data from the new case management system is not currently split between 'defended' and 'undefended', therefore these have been combined into a single category.
wa 5. Includes cases disposed as refused, dropped from roll and withdrawn.


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