Common Housing Register (CHR) - building a register: a practitioner's guide

A practical guide to the development of common housing registers between local authorities and registered social landlords in Scotland. The guide draws on the experience of those areas in Scotland who have successfully implemented a CHR.

Ministerial Foreword

Photo of ALEX NEIL, MSP Minister for Housing and CommunitiesThe Scottish Government is committed to making it as simple and easy as possible for people to access the housing they need. Common Housing Registers ( CHRs) have an important role to play in bringing together housing providers and making the process for tenants simpler and more straightforward than ever before.

Change isn't easy. I recognise that there are challenges in working together on a common application form, providing common information and advice on housing options and in sharing information on housing applications. This guide aims to help you with all of these issues, it explains how these and other issues have been faced and managed by CHR Partnerships across Scotland. The guide highlights different CHR models and the range of ways in which housing providers can be involved to improve the experience of applicants for affordable rented housing.

The Scottish Government continues to support the roll out of CHRs and has awarded a new contract to the Scottish Housing Best Value Network to deliver the CHR support service for a further 2 years.They will continue to provide support to individual landlords as well as gathering and promoting best practice through publications and workshops where ideas can be shared and explored.

Today, there are 16 CHRs in operation across Scotland and they continue to build in scale and scope, but there is more to do. I encourage all social housing providers to use this Guide and the opportunities offered by the CHR support service to take up the challenge of developing a successful CHR in every area of Scotland, bringing benefits to both prospective tenants and landlords.

Signature of ALEX NEIL, MSP Minister for Housing and Communities

Minister for Housing and Communities

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