Children's Social Work Statistics Scotland, 2018-2019

The latest data on children and young people looked after, on the child protection register and in secure care.


The data used to produce this publication was the subject of recent revision. The 2017-18 Looked After Children and Child Protection data was not submitted by Glasgow City Council and, in this publication, we had to use Glasgow’s 2016-17 data.  After the 2017/18 Glasgow City data became available, this report was republished. The revised report also includes updated Child Protection data for 2017/18 for all local authority areas, as this data is routinely updated the year after its original collection.


A errata was published on on Monday 6th April 2020 to PDF page 17,  in the description of parental substance misuse.  Alcohol misuse only was changed from 447 to 339, and drug misuse only was changed from 339 to 477.

The PDF and HTML have been updated to reflect this change.



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