Disability Assistance for Working Age People (Transitional Provisions and Miscellaneous Amendment) (Scotland) Regulations 2022: children's rights and wellbeing impact assessment

A child rights and wellbeing impact assessment (CRWIA) to consider the impacts of the Disability Assistance for Working Age People (Transitional Provisions and Miscellaneous Amendment) (Scotland) Regulations 2022

Who was involved in this Assessment?

17. The Ill Health and Disability Benefits Stakeholder Reference Group was set up in March 2016 to inform and influence the development of policy options relating to devolved Disability Assistance. This group has advised on the potential impact of policy decisions as well as user and stakeholder engagement.

18. In July 2016, the Scottish Government launched a public consultation to support the development of a framework that would become the 2018 Act. The questions relating to disability benefits received over 200 responses with an even split between organisational and individual respondents.

19. The Scottish Government has set up Social Security Experience Panels with over 2,400 people across Scotland registered as panel members when the Panels opened in 2017. The Panels involve people with lived experience of the benefits that are coming to Scotland. In July 2019 recruitment to the Experience Panels was reopened. We have been working with relevant stakeholders to specifically target groups which were previously underrepresented, including young people.

20. Specifically, with regards to case transfer, two surveys regarding the case transfer process was sent out to Experience Panel members in January and February 2019. 404 and 559 responses were received respectively. A series of individual and group interviews were also conducted. Results from both surveys and the interviews were published in 2019.[2]These surveys confirmed that of most importance to panel members was that they continue to receive the correct payment at the correct time.

21. The Consultation on Disability Assistance built on the work of the Experience Panels and was published on 5 March 2019. It sought the views of the people of Scotland on the three proposed disability assistance benefits, including Adult Disability Payment.[3]The consultation closed on 28 May 2019, having received 263 replies, of which 74 were from stakeholder organisations and 189 from individuals.

22. The Scottish Government has also undertaken ongoing consultation with stakeholders through our independent Disability and Carers Benefits Expert Advisory Group as well as the Ill Health and Disability Benefits Stakeholder Reference Group. The Disability and Carers Benefits Expert Advisory Group is chaired by Dr Jim McCormick and comprises individuals with significant practical experience of the United Kingdom social security system, from a range of professional backgrounds. It is independent of the Scottish Government.

23. On 21 December 2020, the Scottish Government launched a public consultation on its proposals for the delivery of Adult Disability Payment and on the draft impact assessments. The consultation ran until 15 March 2021. The consultation received 127 responses from individuals and stakeholder organisations.

24. Under section 97 of the Social Security (Scotland) Act 2018, the Scottish Commission on Social Security (SCoSS) was asked to provide a scrutiny report on the draft Disability Assistance for Working Age People (Transitional Provisions and Miscellaneous Amendment) regulations. On 10 February 2022, the Scottish Government provided draft regulations to SCoSS, SCoSS published its scrutiny report on 30 March 2022, making 8 recommendations and 4 observations in relation to the draft regulations. The Scottish Government will publish its formal response to this report when laying these regulations before the Scottish Parliament.

25. In addition to the above, the views of people with lived experience on the development of Adult Disability Payment have been captured through a range of user research and stakeholder engagement activities held throughout Scotland. These events have provided stakeholders the opportunity to feed into the early development of policy discussions, raising awareness of the consultation and further exploring their views. Framing exercises have also been taking place in 2020 and 2021 specifically looking at the differing process for transferring individuals from Disability Living Allowance for Children, Personal Independence Payment and Working Age Disability Living Allowance and these will continue to take place with a range of internal Scottish Government stakeholders.

26. The stakeholder engagements, expert advisory groups and events held with people with lived experience as well as the public consultations have helped to identify the potential impact of Adult Disability Payment on other Scottish Government policy areas as well as on children and young people's wellbeing.



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