Children's advocacy in children's hearings: DPIA

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) in relation to the the provision of an advocacy service for children and young people going to children’s hearings.

5. Questions to identify privacy issues

5.1 Involvement of multiple organisations

Yes this will involve SCRA, CHS, Social Work and the advocacy providers.

5.2 Anonymity and pseudonymity

Scottish Government will receive anonymised statistics from providers regarding the uptake of their service. No data from two or more systems will be combined to create a new dataset that might make it possible to identify or re-identify any individuals.

5.3 Technology

Scottish Government will receive anonymised data by email from service providers.

5.4 Identification methods

Scottish Government will not process any personal data for this purpose other than the contact names and addresses for the service providers

Service providers will apply their own Information Management processes to the data processed for this purpose. 

5.5 Sensitive/Special Category personal data

Scottish Government will not process any special category data for this purpose.

Service providers will process sensitive/special category information about individuals but only with the permission of the individual involved and this information will be stored securely.

5.6 Changes to data handling procedures

Scottish Government will not process any personal data for this purpose. 

Service providers will ensure that all data processed will be in compliance with data protection requirements following their own existing information management processes. 

Service providers will ensure that there are process for enabling any individual wishing to access their personal data can do so.  The providers will not share any personal data with external partners without the data subjects express consent unless they are under an legal obligation to do so. 

5.7 Statutory exemptions/protection

Not applicable to this processing.

5.8 Justification

This processing introduces an additional data sharing partner into the Children’s Hearing process but as their involvement is based on the permission of the child/young person and ensures that they have access to independent advice and support any risk posed is outweighed by the benefits to the child/young person.  

5.9 Other risks

There are no other risks to privacy that are not covered by the questions above.



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