Children's advocacy in children's hearings: DPIA

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) in relation to the the provision of an advocacy service for children and young people going to children’s hearings.

4. Stakeholder analysis and consultation

4.1 List all the groups involved in the project, and state their interest.  

Group Scottish Government

Interest Legally responsible for ensuring section 122 is commenced and an advocacy service is available for those who wish to use it.

Group  Scottish Children’s Reporters Administration (SCRA)

Interest  Public Body responsible for the administration of Scotland’s Children’s Hearings system

Group  Children’s Hearings Scotland (CHS)

Interest  Public body responsible for the recruitment, and oversight of the panel member community.

Group Local Advocacy Providers

Interest Provider of advocacy provision within a local authority area.

Group Partners within the hearings system including SCTS, SLAB, Education Scotland, Police Scotland , NHS, CELCIS, CYCJ, COPFS, Judicial Institute, Law society, COSLA, ADES, SWS.

Interest Partners within the Children’s Hearings System.

4.2 Method used to consult with these groups when making the DPIA.

All groups were made aware of the consultation by email and face-to-face conversations and invited to comment by the deadline.

4.3 Method used to communicate the outcomes of the DPIA.

DPIA will be shared with SCRA, CHS and the national and local advocacy organisations involved in the service so they will be aware of, and in a position to mitigate any risks identified as far as they are able.



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