Children and Young People's Voices Matter: progress report - March 2022

Report on progress made on the actions agreed at the fifth annual meeting of Cabinet members and children and young people on 16 March 2021.

Quotes from Children's Parliament & SYP

"It's important that children go to Cabinet so that we can influence how Scotland works and make Scotland a better place."

"Everyone should be heard and kids also have a creative side so you may get some new ideas."

"We should teach younger kids about racism so when they're older they can help stop racism."

"Racism hurts children and adults, and it happens too much today."

"Children need to live in environments that are safe and clean. Trees can help with that."

"We have technology we can use against climate change – the name of the technology is a tree!"

"If you learn about this early on, it will stick with you for the rest of your life."

"I enjoyed hearing how the government is taking the views of young people into account."

"I felt that my voice was being heard."

"I hope the government will take our calls into account and action them."

"I hope that all of the young people in attendance made an impact."

"I hope that it will help the environment and possibly reduce the amount of racism and that more people will hopefully know more about what's happening and will be able to help so the world will slowly become a much better place for future generations."



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