Children, young people and families outcomes framework - core wellbeing indicators: analysis

A national report presenting data from the set of 21 core wellbeing indicators which are part of Scotland’s Children, Young People and Families Outcomes Framework.

Annex B Children, Young People and Families Shared Aims

How I Grow and Develop

  • We are encouraged/supported to express our beliefs and identity and all forms of bullying, discrimination and harassment are tackled.
  • We are resilient, with positive mental health and wellbeing and have access to early help.
  • We have the best possible physical health and live healthy and active lifestyles with no barriers to accessing care or support.
  • We have opportunities to develop leadership and are empowered to participate meaningfully in all decisions that affect us.
  • We recognise our responsibilities to others and positively contribute at home, in school and to our local, national and global communities.
  • We are encouraged to develop individual interests and have opportunities for indoors and outdoors play, exercise, sport, recreation and culture.
  • We are equipped to successfully navigate key times of transition, with co-ordinated support available to overcome any barriers including into young adulthood.
  • We have engaging and inclusive learning opportunities which build self-esteem, knowledge, and life-skills.
  • Our rights are upheld and theUNCRCis fully implemented.

What I Need From People Who Look After Me

  • We have trusting relationships with caring and non-judgemental adults who listen to, value and encourage us, and provide our families with the right help at the right time throughGIRFEC.
  • We grow up in loving families and homes that nurture us and keep us safe.
  • We have access to early support to recover from experiences of trauma and neglect.
  • We have the best possible physical health and live healthy and active lifestyles with no barriers to accessing care or support.
  • Where living with our family is not possible we stay in a loving home for as long as we need and are supported to maintain safe, loving relationships.
  • Where we cannot live with our family we stay together with our brothers and sisters where safe to do so.
  • Universally available support helps families flourish so children grow and develop healthily from pre-birth throughout childhood.
  • We have access to information, and advocacy and child-centred legal advice and representation.
  • We receive early support to prevent and reduce conflict with the law, through a rights-based approach to youth justice.
  • Family support feels and is experienced as integrated by children, young people, families and the workforce, through joined up help that is non-judgemental and there when needed, for as long as it is needed.
  • We have positive relationships with the people we live with and opportunities to spend time with people we care about.
  • We participate fully in co-designing services which meet the needs of our families.

My Wider World

  • Our home, school, online and local communities are safe and welcoming spaces, where we can connect with friends, families and communities.
  • Our families have locally available, affordable, quality early learning and child care, and wraparound care.
  • Our families live in affordable, secure and stable high quality homes which meet our needs.
  • Our families live in thriving communities supported by local resources, digital access, social innovation and access to sustainable, reliable transport and green space.
  • We live in neighbourhoods which are free from crime and antisocial behaviour and other harms.
  • Our families have a good standard of income, and the root causes of inequality are tackled so we grow up free from experiences of poverty.
  • Our families have access to lifelong training and learning and employment opportunities with fair pay.
  • Our communities are sustainable, and we have opportunities to make our voices heard and take action on climate change, climate justice and caring for the environment.
  • We are supported through pathways into sustainable positive destinations, and employment opportunities for young people with fair pay.



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