Children in families with limited resources across Scotland 2014-2016

New estimates of the proportion of children in combined low income and material deprivation by council area and household characteristics.


A family lives in material deprivation when they cannot afford three or more items from a list of 22 necessities.

Children included here are biological, adopted and foster children under 17, as well as 17 to 19 year-olds who study full time and live at home.

Disability status considers if any adult in the household has a disability.

Information on household income was only collected for up to two adults in the household. The income of larger households might be underestimated.

Housing costs include rent and mortgage payments, but not council tax.

Measurement uncertainty occurs because we base our statistics on a small sample of children who represent all children. Depending on which sample we choose, the estimate can slightly vary. The true value is likely to be within the shown range.

Households are on a low income if their total net income after housing costs is below 70% of the Scottish median (or middle) income. Differences in household size are taken into account.

The work status considers the employment of up to two adults in each household. We have no information about any further adults.

Urban areas include all settlements of 3,000 or more people. Accessible rural areas include smaller settlements within 30 min drive of a settlement of 10,000 or more. The remaining areas are considered remote rural.


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