Child Poverty Practice Accelerator Fund: round 2 form and guidance

Round 2 of the fund to test approaches to accelerate action to tackle child poverty.


Purpose of the fund

The Child Poverty Practice Accelerator Fund (CPAF) was launched in July 2023 and awarded grants to 9 projects across Scotland in its first round. Now entering its second round, the fund’s continued aim is to provide support to enhance an area’s approach to tackling child poverty. It will support small scale projects to generate evidence on a known problem, adapt a promising approach from elsewhere to work in your area, or re-design a service or services to deliver greater impact on child poverty.

As with CPAF Round 1, proposed activity could cover testing a new approach, evaluating a promising approach, adapting an effective pilot to be delivered at scale, or testing an effective approach in another setting. Examples of this are outlined under ‘What funding can be used for’.

Amount of funding available

CPAF Round 2 projects are likely to vary widely in design, and the level of funding for each project will depend on the nature and scale of activities proposed. All budget proposals will be scrutinised by a panel to ensure value for money and to identify savings and efficiencies where possible.

The budget for CPAF Round 2 activities is expected to be up to £80,000 per grant. This is an indicative budget range to help guide applicants as to the scale of funding available and likely scope of activities. Budgets moderately above this range will be considered on their merits if a strong case is presented.

This is a competitive fund and there is not an allocation per Local Authority or Health Board. As such, each application should include a budget specifically linked to the proposed activities

Closing date for applications

The closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday 12 July 2024. No extension to this deadline will be granted.

We will hold two information sessions for potential applicants to answer questions and clarify doubts on the fund. These will take place via Microsoft Teams on:

  • Wednesday 29 May at 11:00 to 11:45am
  • Thursday 27 June at 11:00-11:45am

Please email to book your place, noting which session you would like to attend.

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