Child Disability Payment Amendment Regulations: draft equality impact assessment

The Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) considers potential effects of the Disability Assistance For Children And Young People (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2021 and how it impacts on people with one or more protected characteristics.

Disability Assistance for Children and Young People (Amendment) (Scotland) Regulations 2021

Title of Policy

Disability Assistance for Children and Young People (Amendment) (Scotland) Regulations 2021

Summary of aims and desired outcomes of Policy

  • These regulations make technical amendments to the principal regulations for Child Disability Payment. Amending the principal regulations ensures that CDP entitlement and the case transfer process is aligned to our policy intent which is to help improve outcomes for disabled children and young people, by providing financial assistance to help meet the additional costs associated with care and mobility needs as a result of having a disability.

These regulations do not propose to make substantive changes to most eligibility criteria, but will deliver a system that is based on fairness, dignity and respect for the individual.


Social Security Directorate


Social Security Policy Division


Disability Benefits Team



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