Donating medical equipment: report

This report by the Chief Medical Officer reviews the standards required for medical equipment donations to low- and middle-income countries. It includes a 10 step guide to the donation journey and links to key guidance.


The working group agreed to carry out a review of existing literature and conduct new research into current practice before deciding on whether to recommend completely new guidance or whether an alternative support system, if needed, could be developed.

The research involved two surveys: the first survey was sent to 22 hospitals in low- or middle-income countries as recipients who were selected based on their previous engagement with group members. The survey was sent to hospitals mainly in Africa and Latin America in English and French.

The second survey was for those with experience of donating medical equipment. The survey was promoted on social media and through a press release from the Scottish Government. It was also sent directly to members of the Scottish International Development Alliance with an interest in this issue.



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