Cereal and oilseed rape harvest - first estimates: 2019

Initial estimates of area, yield and production for winter and spring barley, wheat, oats and oilseed rape, for the 2019 harvest.

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Oat production and yield expected to increase

Production and Yield estimates oats

Yield and production for oats in 2019 are expected to rise, despite a small decrease in the area sown.

Oat production is estimated to have increased by 20 per cent this year, while yield is predicted to rise by 21 per cent. However, industry experts have indicated the quality of the crop might be lower this year due to bushel weight being down and issues with sprouting.

Oats accounts for

  • 6% Total crop production
  • 7% Total crop area

The majority of oats grown in Scotland are sown in the spring and are used for milling – in 2018, almost 70 per cent of oats were used for milling.

Oats are also used in specialist animal feed and in further processing for oatcakes and porridge oats.


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