Cereal and oilseed rape harvest: final estimates - 2018

Final estimates for area, yield and production for barley, wheat, oats and oilseed, from the 2018 harvest in Scotland.

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Data Sources and More Information

Data Source and Use

Final estimates of the Scottish Cereal and Oilseed Rape Harvest are based on final yield results from the 2018 Cereal Production Survey and final crop areas from the 2018 June Census.

Final estimates are used to monitor cereal production and to meet obligations to the European Union, World Trade Organisation and Food and Agriculture Organisation.

Difference between first and final estimates

Final estimates were broadly similar to the first estimates published in October 2018.

Differences in the first and final estimates are due to the amount of information available when calculating first estimates.

Data Tables and Methodology

The data used to create the charts in this publication and the methodology document are available online.

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