Cash-First - towards ending the need for food banks in Scotland: plan

This Plan "Cash-First: Towards Ending the Need for Food Banks in Scotland" sets out our human rights approach to tackling food insecurity and outlines nine collaborative actions we will take over the next three years to improve the response to financial hardship and start to reduce the need for emergency food parcels.


Food insecurity

The full range of experiences from worry regarding ability to afford food, through to compromising on quality and quantity of food and experiencing hunger. We recognise the social role of food and importance of being able to access food in ways which are common to a society.[1]

Holistic support services

A joined-up approach to delivering services across sectors that is centred around wellbeing through meeting the whole needs of an individual or household. This includes services that meet financial, health, social, and cultural needs.

Food bank

Charitable or community organisations that distribute food parcels to people experiencing financial hardship. The two largest food bank networks in Scotland are the Trussell Trust and the Independent Food Aid Network. These networks represent many but not all food banks. Many community food and other organisations also integrate food provision alongside their wider activities.


Ready access to emergency income when someone has no money for food. To prevent future hardship this should be delivered alongside welfare rights and income maximisation advice and support.

Human rights approach

An approach to policy development and delivery that considers how to protect, respect, and fulfil the internationally recognised basic rights and freedoms which all human beings are entitled to.



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