Cash-First Fund: form and guidance

Fund for partnerships of public sector and third sector organisations for collaborative work to improve urgent local access to cash in a crisis.

Budget distribution and allocation

Partnerships can apply for a total of up to £200,000 over 24 months for eligible activities that will be delivered between Autumn 2023 and Autumn 2025. No future funding is anticipated.

Proposals should include an indicative forecast of the distribution of costs between the three financial years based on when costs will be incurred – this does not necessarily need to be proportionately split between the financial years.

Allocations in 2024-25 and 2025-26 will be subject to satisfactory progress and the funds being made available through the Scottish Budget process. 

Match funding is not expected, but Partnerships should consider leveraging wider resource to contribute towards these objectives. Please indicate where resource is already in place for linked activities, and where you intend to seek additional resource beyond this Fund.

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