Carers' charter

The charter will help carers understand their rights under the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016.

4: Support as a carer

Carers have a right to support to meet any 'eligible needs'

The responsible local authority must provide support to any carer who has identified needs (which meet local eligibility criteria) that cannot be met through support provided to the person being cared for, or through general local services.

This means

The adult carer support plan or young carer statement will identify your needs as a carer.

The local authority will decide if any (or all) of these support needs meet the local eligibility criteria it has set. Your local authority must provide support to meet these 'eligible needs'. This should be done in a way that gives you as much choice and control as you would like [5] .

If your support needs do not meet your local authority's eligibility criteria, then your local authority may still provide support to meet any other needs identified in your adult carer support plan or young carer statement. This support might include access to information and advice; and/or support available in your local community.

If you have eligible needs, the local authority must consider whether breaks from caring should be part of the support you receive.

Who is responsible?

The local authority [6] where the person you are caring for lives is responsible for providing support to you.

The local authority may ask another organisation to provide support to you on its behalf. This could be, for example: a local or national support service; or voluntary organisation such as a local carers centre.



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