Careers in Compliance: working at sea

Compliance is the operational Division of Marine Scotland and is responsible for managing the coastal, sea and air assets of Marine Scotland.


Motormen are responsible for day to day cleaning, repair and routine maintenance of the engine room onboard the ship.

Qualifications/skills required

The basic level is Motorman, which can lead to PO Motorman. Currently the only entry route to Motorman is to be sponsored by a shipping company as it requires candidates to undertake time at sea on a merchant ship in order to gain an Engine Room Watch Rating Certificate. Candidates require the following to work as a Motorman: Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Elementary First Aid, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities, ENG1 seafarer’s medical and Engine Room Watch Rating Certificate. 

Engine Room Watch Rating Certificate has to be applied for by a UK MCA approved shipping company and can only be obtained onboard a ship. To obtain this certificate, candidates must have the basic STCW certificates and have completed either or at least 6 months approved sea going sea service in the Engine department, or special training and at least 2 months approved sea going service.

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