Careers in Compliance: working at sea

Compliance is the operational Division of Marine Scotland and is responsible for managing the coastal, sea and air assets of Marine Scotland.

Entry routes

To become a fully qualified a Deck or Engineering officer with Marine Scotland there are various entry routes.

Those with existing degrees or relevant experience such as engineering, Royal Navy or fishing personnel will enter the appropriate programme where prior qualifications and skills can be taken account of.

In addition to the academic qualification, trainees obtain an internationally recognised professional qualification. Called the Officer of the Watch (OOW) certificate, it is the ‘license to operate’ as a professional seafaring officer and to work on board any type of ship anywhere in the world. Completion of further study and practical seagoing experience will enable junior officers to progress to higher professional qualifications, ultimately allowing them to reach the highest status on board of Master (Captain) or Chief Engineer.

Basic entry requirements for deck and engineering officers

Course title: Nautical Science or Marine Engineering

  • Course type: HNC/HND (3 / 3½ years)
  • Entry requirements: GCSE Grades A-C/National 5 at A or B in English, Maths, a Science based subject and at least one other subject

Course title: Marine Operations / Nautical Science / Marine Engineering / Marine Electrical Systems

  • Course type: Foundation degree or Scottish Professional diploma (3½ years approx)
  • Entry requirements: 120 UCAS points in unspecified A Levels or Scottish Highers Plus GCSE / National 5 in the above subjects at A or B /Scottish credit level

Course title: BSc (Hons) Merchant Ship Operations or Nautical Science, BEng (Hons) Marine Engineering Applications, or Mechanical & Marine Engineering

  • Course type: Honours degree (4 years)
  • Entry requirements: Entry is in accordance with the requirements of sponsoring companies and the admission requirements of the universities concerned and will usually require Maths and/or a Science A Level or Scottish Higher.
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