Care Experienced Children and Young People Fund: national operational guidance 2022

National operational guidance for care experienced children school attainment funding 2022 to 2023.


Funding is provided to local authorities annually to support care experienced children and young people at a figure of £1,200 per looked after child aged 5-15, as outlined in the Children's Social Work Statistics Scotland, 2020/21. This is the same methodology as used for allocation in previous years.

Drawdown Dates

Local authorities will receive funding over two instalments in 2022/23.

First Drawdown: January 2023

Second Drawdown: May 2023

The 2022/23 CECYP Allocations

Although the allocations are based on the 5-15 age group who are currently looked after (agreed with COSLA as the best proxy for needs‑based distribution), local authorities should use their local data to understand which individual children, groups of children, or families would benefit most from this additional funding. This includes considering the needs of all young people aged 0-26 who are eligible to be supported and engaging with partner agencies and establishments to provide this.



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