Infrastructure investment plan 2021-2022 to 2025-2026: carbon assessment

This assessment draws on a range of evidence, including results from a taxonomy assessment, to carbon assess the 2021 Infrastructure Investment Plan.


1 Taxonomies give a categorisation of different types of infrastructure, e.g. as ‘low carbon’ or ‘high carbon’, usually for broadly indicating whether an asset is likely to be consistent with reduction targets.

2 Proportion of ferries in Scottish Government ownership which are low emissions has increased to 30% by 2032.

3 Emissions from Scottish domestic ferries, including council and private operators, have been estimated at 1.7% of transport emissions.

4 In 2021 car emissions are estimated at 4.7 Megatonnes (Mt), down from a pre-Covid high of 5.7 Mt (Scottish Greenhouse Gas Statistics 2021 - ( A 20% reduction in car kilometres could result in emission reductions between 0.9 Mt and 1.1 Mt. Active Freeways support the reduction in car kms and therefore is deemed to have a high impact.



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