Building Standards technical handbook 2017: non-domestic buildings

The Building Standards technical handbooks provide guidance on achieving the standards set in the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 and are available in two volumes, Domestic buildings and Non-domestic buildings. This publication is available in html and also in PDF format (in 'supporting documents' ).

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Annex 7.D Example cycle and scooter parking

A bicycle stand must be capable of allowing the frame of the bicycle to be locked to the rack.  

Suggested dimensions:

  • All bicycle stands should be permanently fixed to a hard surface  or a permanent vertical surface

  • Each single stand should have the capacity to allow two bicycles to be locked by the bicycle to the stand

  • A minimum distance between stands of 900mm

  • A minimum distance  of 500mm between stands and any perimeter line/fence 

  • A minimum distance  of 500mm to be available at the front and rear of the stand

  • A minimum length of stand to be 700mm

  • Height above ground level 750mm

  • Wall mounted cycle fixing rings and bars should be fitted between 700-800mm high.

Figure 7.6. Example of cycle and scooter parking

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