Building regulations - compliance and enforcement: consultation

We are seeking views on the development of a new Compliance Plan Manager role within the building standards system which will apply to specific High Risk Building (HRB) types, the definition of these HRBs and the level of fines where work is not carried out in accordance with the regulations.

How we would like you to help

This consultation is comprised of 15 questions related to:

  • Part 1 - Creation of a new Compliance Plan Manager (CPM) oversight role on High Risk Building types on behalf of the Relevant Person (normally the owner or developer);
  • Part 2 - The definition of High Risk Buildings requiring a CPM;
  • Part 3 - Level of penalties/fines relating to enforcement action under the building standards system; and
  • Part 4 - Impact assessments.

Responses to the consultation will be used to inform the final policy and impact assessments that will be prepared in support of any legislative changes.

Information on how to respond to the consultation.



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