Building a New Scotland: migration to Scotland after independence

This paper sets out the Scottish Government's proposals for migration policy in an independent Scotland.

What our proposals would mean for new migrants

Under the Scottish Government's proposals:

  • it would be easier for people with the skills and expertise we need to come and contribute to our businesses, our communities and to our economy
  • it would be easier for people with a genuine and lasting connection to Scotland to live and work here
  • it would be easier for individuals and families to apply and to settle here, without needing sponsorship from an employer
  • international students would be able to apply to stay in Scotland to live and work here for five years after the end of their studies, which could lead to naturalisation and citizenship
  • visa fees would be set at a fair level that ensures full cost recovery but does not seek to generate excessive revenue, which could mean a saving of over £1,000 for an individual applying for a skilled worker long-term visa, compared to current UK levels



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