Building a New Scotland: migration to Scotland after independence

This paper sets out the Scottish Government's proposals for migration policy in an independent Scotland.

What our proposals would mean for Scotland

Migration policy would be key to Scotland becoming a successful independent state. This publication describes the Scottish Government's proposals for migration in an independent Scotland.

Under the Scottish Government's proposals:

  • an independent Scotland would have humane, fair and compassionate refugee and asylum policies; we would be a good global citizen, welcoming New Scots from all over the world
  • Westminster's 'hostile environment' approach to migration would end
  • a flexible visa system would help Scottish businesses/employers to attract and retain the international talent they need to thrive
  • control over migration policy would help Scotland grow its overall and its working population which, under current UK policy, are projected to decline
  • Scotland's economy would benefit from moving away from the UK's restrictive approach to migration under Brexit towards EU membership, free movement of people and a sensible open and welcoming migration system



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