Building a New Scotland: Our marine sector in an independent Scotland

This paper sets out the Scottish Government's vision for the marine sector in an independent Scotland.

What our proposals mean for you

Independence could bring opportunities and advantages to people in Scotland generally and to coastal communities and the individuals and families who live and work there. The proposals in this publication are designed to allow:

  • Scotland’s marine environment, seas, rivers and coasts to be protected to help tackle climate change and biodiversity loss, and to enable their sustainable use and enjoyment by current and future generations
  • people across Scotland to benefit from the numerous economic, health and wellbeing benefits of a thriving marine sector, with stronger local economies and vibrant coastal communities
  • the creation of new employment and career opportunities in cutting-edge technologies like offshore wind, the services which support it, and in the wider supply chain
  • families and communities to benefit from secure, affordable and clean energy as Scotland transitions to net zero.



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