Building a New Scotland: an independent Scotland in the EU

This paper sets out the Scottish Government’s vision for an independent Scotland in the EU.

What our proposals would mean for you

Membership of the EU, as outlined in this publication, would allow you, as a Scottish and EU citizen, to:

  • have your rights protected by EU law, benefitting from guaranteed minimum working conditions and protected social security rights
  • enjoy more product choice at the best prices
  • benefit from better consumer and privacy protection and safer online shopping
  • access more training, research and exchange opportunities
  • have more job choices with your professional qualifications being recognised throughout the EU
  • boost your career opportunities and improve your language skills through access to the Erasmus+ programme
  • live, visit, study, work and establish businesses in any EU member state, without burdensome paperwork
  • travel more easily, crossing EU borders more quickly and with equal access to healthcare if you fall sick or have an accident while travelling in the EU
  • be able to use your driving licence throughout the EU
  • access consular services around the world through the embassies or consulates of other EU member states
  • benefit from easy and effective access to cross-border justice, with court judgments in one member state being recognised in another
  • be represented in the EU by governments that win elections in Scotland, so they can influence policy and trade deals based on what’s best for Scotland
  • continue to move freely between Scotland, the UK and Ireland with no new passport or immigration checks
  • continue to have the right to live, work, and access services, including housing, education and healthcare in the UK and Ireland under an arrangement called the Common Travel Area



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