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Bovine tuberculosis compensation arrangements: consultation

Published: 7 Sep 2017
Agriculture and Rural Economy Directorate
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Consultation seeking views on proposal to introduce changes to compensation in Scotland and update other disease control measures.

Bovine tuberculosis compensation arrangements: consultation
Part 2 - Background Information

Part 2 - Background Information


In 2009 Scotland achieved Officially Tuberculosis Free ( OTF) status in recognition of the low and stable incidence of TB found in Scottish herds and the Scottish Government is committed to a comprehensive practical and proportionate programme of actions in order to maintain our current low levels of TB and to safeguard our OTF status.

Defra has already introduced provisions to reduce compensation for those keepers who have failed to carry out TB testing on time and are now consulting on further proposed changes to payment of compensation. Wales have gone even further and recently introduced an enhanced TB Eradication Programme which links compensation to good biosecurity, husbandry practices and adherence with the rules, and allows them to reduce compensation across a number of different non-compliance issues.

The action already taken by both Defra and the Welsh Government highlights the need to review our own TB Order and compensation system to ensure it continues to incentivise compliance and best practice while being financially sustainable in the future. We also want to ensure we are not seen by some as a more favourable option in terms of moving high risk cattle to Scotland or indirectly to other low risk areas in England.

We have therefore considered whether there is scope to implement further measures to encourage farmers to follow good farming practices and keep disease out of their herds, and it seems only fair and reasonable that where a keeper has broken the rules they should not then be able to recover the full market value for animals that become diseased and are slaughtered as a result of poor farming practices or non-compliance.

We know that the vast majority of farmers abide by the rules and continue to work with us to maintain the current low levels of TB in Scotland. Accordingly for the vast majority the impact of the proposed changes will be minimal.

This document sets out our proposals for change and we would be grateful for your views on any or all of them.


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