'No-Blame' Redress scheme

This public consultation seeks views on draft proposals for a ‘No-blame’ Redress Scheme in Scotland for Harm Resulting from Clinical Treatment.

8. Appeals Process

8.1 The Redress Scheme will be compliant with the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) and allow a right of appeal against the decision of the scheme administrator thereby enjoying an adequate level of independence and impartiality and with sufficient 'equality of arms'.

8.2 We are exploring proposals for the creation of an independent appeal panel and how this would fit into the wider courts and tribunals landscape.

Question 12 - Do you agree that the creation of an independent appeal panel combined with independent medical input in consideration of the claim and award would provide the appropriate level of independence?

Yes, No checkboxes

If you disagree please briefly explain why:

Question 12.1 - Do you agree that the independent appeal panel will meet the patient's right to appeal?

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If no, please briefly explain why:



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