BICS weighted Scotland estimates: data to wave 62

Business Insights and Conditions Survey (BICS) weighted Scotland estimates containing data to wave 62

Trading Status

The BICS asks businesses about their trading status: the specific question asked is shown below. Businesses were asked for their current trading status at the time of completion of the survey questionnaire (25 July to 7 August 2022 in Wave 62).

Trading Status Question: Which of the following statements best describes your business’s trading status?

  • currently fully trading
  • currently partially trading
  • paused trading but intends to restart in the next two weeks
  • paused trading and does not intend to restart in the next two weeks
  • has permanently ceased trading

‘Currently fully trading’ and ‘Currently partially trading’ have been combined to ‘Currently Trading’.

Figure 1: Overall, the share of businesses ‘currently trading’ was estimated at 99.1% in Wave 62. The share of businesses reporting that they were fully trading was estimated at 98.3%. The Accommodation & Food Services continued to be the industry sector with the lowest share of “fully trading” businesses, estimated at 94.2%. However, the share of Accommodation & Food Services businesses “fully trading” is now at its highest point since the series began in Wave 41 (October 2021). 

Source: Office for National Statistics – BICS – Weighted Scotland Estimates – Wave 62


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